Monday, 11 November 2013

Does age matter in relationships?

(health.ninemsn, 2013)

          Why does age not matter? This is because age is only a number. Some people say that older people are more mature in their thinking and that younger people are childish. This is not always the case, as it depends more on character. If two different personalities and characters can get along well, then age is really just a number.

          Where it affects: Age affects when it comes to biological changes and requirement. If a couple in a relationship want their own child, and the man or the woman is too old, then they might have to adopt. Also, if a woman is too old, she cannot get pregnant. If the man does not mind, then age really does not matter.

          However, age does matter where some people are really less mature as they are still young and not experienced life as much as people who are older and more mature because they have experienced so much more in life. The one who is older and more mature then may suffer more in the relationship because he or she has to tolerate the immaturity of the younger person.

          Overall, a relationship is built on understanding, trust, and love. If these things are most important, age does not matter.

(, 2013)

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