Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Meatballs Meatballs!

Heyya guys!

Activity week is coming up soon… I don't know which one should i choose. The option was "diving" to several island in Malaysia (I believe last year was so much better), "Community and Service" to Philippines; Yellow Boat of Hope (not a good option for me), Shanghai (learn mandarin… which is I the language that I never learn before), or Yogyakarta! learning art, batik, dance and go to historical place (of course Candi Borobudur!). I really really want to go to Diving so bad but I want to go to Yogyakarta at the same time T_T 

The school trip is my one and only opportunity to go to diving trip…
It's been long time since last time I went to Yogya (around 6/7 years ago)
I wish I can choose both of them…
hmm, should I just go wherever my crush go? hahaha crazy laa, I'm not crazy stalker…

I miss Indonesia soo much, especially Jakarta. I wanna eat "bakso malang" or often be called meatball soup. Indonesia has da best meatball soup ever… you can add "sambal", spicy sauce, soy sauce (normal or sweet), or vinegar. You can mix it until you find the right taste or you can just eat it without any additional sauce. The taste is so good and refreshing especially during rainy or cold days and you eat the warm soup and meatball… alamaak I almost forgot how is it taste since I'm moving to Singapore..

Meatball in Singapore is so different because they're using different broth and spice. I heard something that I can't imagine before. In Sweden, they are using jam and creamy sauce. When I heard that for the first time I feel like "Woow, are you serious" but I realize that any meatball in the world is look good. Now, I knew a few types of food that base on meatball. Meatball Soup from Indonesia, Fried Meatball from Indonesia, Italian Meatballs, Grilled meatballs, Glazed Meatballs with Gojuchang from Korea and Swedish Meatballs from Sweden.

1. Meatballs Soup from Indonesia
I miss this food soo much!
Can you see the Sambal in the spoon, the rich flavor of beef broth, the fried bean curd with fish, tendon meatball and normal meatball

2. Fried Meatballs from Indonesia
"Bakso Goreng"

"Basreng pedas"
You can taste the rich flavor from the meatball by only eating this! "Bakso Goreng" means Fried Meatball, this is a main dish. "Basreng" is the shortcut of saying "BAkSo goRENG". "Basreng Pedas" means "Spicy Meatballs" and its a snack, my favorite snack!

3. Italian Meatballs
Meatball with tomato sauce... No comment. It looks delicious but I prefer to eat it with pasta! :D

4. Grilled Meatballs (with Peanut Sauce or Soy Sauce) from Indonesia
"Grilled Meatballs with Peanut Sauce"

"Grilled Meatballs with Sweet Soy Sauce"

5. Glazed Meatballs with Gojuchang from Korea
Korean food is always be ma favorite laa! 

6. Swedish Meatballs from Sweden
"Ikea Swedish Meatballs"

I wanna show you guys the uniqueness of Indonesian Meatballs! this is from "Bakso Atom Restaurant" in Indonesia!

1. Egg Meatballs

2. Prawn Bean curd Meatballs

3. Meat Bean curd

4. Glazed Meatball with Honey

5. Cheese Meatballs

6. Marrow Meatballs

7. Mushroom Meatball

8. Burger Meatballs
it looks like Ekado, but inside of it its meatball's meat and melting cheese..

9. Wrapping Meatballs
The meatball's meat wrapped by the crispy flour~

10. "Baksomay" Meatball with Shumai
 Ayaya~ this is the best combination ever!

10. Lastly, "Bakso Atom"!
Tendon Meatballs is always be the best laa~

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3. Basreng

Monday, 24 February 2014

"I Am From" Poem

I am from the bed that I have been laying on, 
from the bathtub filled with hot pink rose-scented water 
and the window that looks onto my home country

I am from the gigantic house 
that fills with happiness 
and smell of the salty water of the sea

I am from the bamboo and coconut trees
that look refreshing in front of my house
while they sway in the wind

I’m from my mom and grandmother’s affection
from their kisses, hugs, and love

I’m from the land of Java and the world of Muslims

I’m from “ki nong nong” and “eat a lot!” and “kaka love mommy, grandma and everybody”

I’m from Bandung and Sunda and the “Gado-Gado”
and sambal salad that my grandmother always fed me 

From the hope of my mother’s effort

I am who I am because of my family and friends who understand me

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Happy (late) Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Spread the love

Actually this year was better than last year because I'm not broken heart anymore hahaha^-^
Soo, I'm interested in someone at school :) he is "okay" looking (that's what people said but he's kinda cute laa^^) and that's the thing that make him look different in my eyes. He doesn't know yet if I'm interested in him. Naah, I won't let him know because I don't think I have a chance.. 

Because I have nothing to do, I found some valentine's theme blog that I want to share with you guys 

 *nerdy pick-up lines* hahaha :p

I love this tumblr site because they have cute hand-drawing on the pictures

Only a few pics in it but I love it

Most of heart shaped food is there! ulala, I really love this blog! ❤ who doesn't love food when you spent most of the valentine's day alone? hahaha

Yup, another year without getting chocolate for me.. #foreveralone hahaha. Ulala, thanks to Shuren, I got a huge heart shaped cookie from her

Once again, Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fiction: The Tingga

I live in a high-rise apartment building called “The Tingga” which means “The Livable Place” in the Syirqs’s language. The outside of “The Tingga” looks abandoned, bearing resemblance to an ancient, dilapidated and neglected building in the 1900s. The paint is weathered and peeling off. The windows are broken and window grills crooked; during the cold nights they would always make a flapping sound when the wind blows. The floor is made from thick old board and always creaks when people walk.

Since I possess supernatural powers, I do not need to use the elevator but this power causes me to be ostracized by the other normal human beings. People think that I am weird because I can appear anywhere I want within a second. Not only do I "teleport" (that's what they called it), I can read their minds and see the future. I inherited this supernatural power from my father's bloodline. My great grandparents are the Syirqs ancestors, but my mom is what they call a normal human without any supernatural powers. Unbelievable as it seems, I really want to live like a normal human with a few best friends and have a boyfriend, but all that does not matter as I am not normal, and more crucially, I need to accomplish my ancestors’ mission - to kill the Arkans.  The only thing that I’m aware now is that I have to started to plan my strategies after my 18th birthday, during the full moon, and fight with the Arkans’ new generation who was chosen by his father.

A long time ago before I was born, my father, Shon, was chosen as the fighter to kill the Arkans’ generation, their sworn enemies. He fought on the Fin Mountain (which got its name from the shark’s fin), that mountain is resembled of peacefulness of the world. From the stories that I heard from my mother, my father stabbed the Arkans’ stomach and the vicious clan of Arkans’ fatally stabbed my father’s heart. After that tragedy, the Fin Mountain spewed lava and killed both of them at the same time. When my mom found out about that, she realize that she was pregnant with me. She remembered that Shon once told her their first child will be the hero of next generation, and it does not matter whether it was a baby boy or girl.

I studied at Le Cordon Bleu, with took culinary arts as my major. I learned how to cook and bake without any problems. My family started a fine dining restaurant way before I was born, when my parents were newlywed. That restaurant is the only source to us to have money. Now I am a head chef on “Restaurante de Italiano”. When I was the beginner, I learn from my first head chef, Chef Tan. I always thought he was cute but there was something uneasy in my heart whenever I saw him, and I did not know why.

One day, I accidentally walked into Chef Tan while carrying a big pot of soup and the boiling hot soup went all over him. Instead of screaming in pain, I saw blue light emerging from him and his skin was totally unscathed. By right, a normal human being would be instantly burned. It was that very day that I knew that Chef Tan was not a normal human being, and that he could very possibly be like me. How is this even possible?! I decided to investigate, and told my mother what happened. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said that the Arkans would have blue light around them whenever they are attacked, and that Chef Tan could be one of them. I could not believe that. My generations’ arch-enemy was right there in school with me, the person I respected so much and have to end up killing. Mixed feelings and the painful dilemma started to swallow me. I decided to put these emotions aside and was ready to kill Chef Arkan Tan. However, I had to have a plan. I decided that instead of attacking him from the outside, I shall do it secretly by poisoning his food. I thought my plan went well, until Chef Arkan Tan started to writhe in pain and called out my name. I rushed to his side and he looked up into my eyes and said, “I don’t know what is happening, Olethea. But I think I am going to die. It is said that if my one true love tries to kill me, she will be successful. The blue light used to protect me, but it is powerless in the presence of true love. I just want to confess to you that I am actually not a normal human being, and that I love you, before I leave the world.” My tears started falling as I realised that Chef Tan was always in love with me. I cried bitterly on his body and amazingly, he stopped shaking. He then opened his eyes and smiled, saying, “the curse is broken. the tears of our arch enemy can break the curse of our enemity and bring peace between our clans forever.” I hugged Chef Tan, and for the first time, I no longer felt uneasy. This was the beginning of peace, finally, no longer tragedy.