Wednesday, 13 July 2016

All About Eyelashes

This blog post is all about Fake Eyelashes.

There is many kind of fake eyelashes. Natural, Glam etc. There are some eyelashes with various lengths and also there are lashes with the same length. these are the one that I usually use.

Ardell Natural

Also, you have to stick it with eyelash glue. It's either clear or dark colour.

Clear Eyelash glue

Clear glue is better for newbies. It is because they dry clear so it won't seem messy if you make any mistake. Also, if you wear glitter, colour or any unique fake lashes, clear glue is the best. It won't take the spotlight of the fake lashes.

Dark Eyelash glue

Dark eyelash glue also has its own uniqueness, it makes your eyes look bigger and also it can replace your eyeliner so you don't have to draw one! Dark eyelash glue is the best when you are doing smoky eye makeup or if you wanna go to some special occasion so your eyes will be eye-catching since people look at the eyes first before anything else while they are talking 😉

Thursday, 30 June 2016

How did I successfully bought Kylie Cosmetics products? Part 1: BEFORE

Kylie Cosmetics℠ products are sold out within minutes! People have been crazy about it since the quality of the matte lip kit, metal and the lip gloss is apparently really good. I have ordered Most of the lip kit (except 22) and all the metal collection on 2 separates order. 

This is how the website look like. As you can see from the upper corner left of the website, "exclusive launch updates on Kylie's app!" Kylie Jenner Official App is designed only for Android, iPhone and  iPad. You have to subscribe for $2.99 monthly to see their content (live stream, make up tips and tutorial, interactive offline post and GIVEAWAYS!). 

These are tips of what to do so you can successfully buy Kylie Cosmetics℠ products:

1. Subscribe Kylie Jenner Official App or if you don't want to, look at tip #2!
It is free to download on Android, iPhone and iPad. You will have to allow the notification of the app on the phone to keep you up to date of the new stuff that they post on the application. After that, create a profile (email, password and your name) and subscribe! If you don't want to subscribe, you still can see some post that they made public for the people who have download the application.

2. Type "Kylie Lip Kit Updates" on search bar on Instagram!

this is the easiest (and cheapest) so far! you just have to find the reliable Instagram account and follow them for Kylie Cosmetics updates, colour swatches, review, etc. Also, you have to turn on the post notification of the that account! It is really really important to do so! Trust me, you gotta love it and thank me later haha

3. Follow their official social media

Instagram: @kyliecosmetics
Also, Kylie Jenner posted selfie or photos of their unrevealed shades for the 4th of July like "skylie", "Freedon" or the 3 new shade for the summer colour!  so, why not follow her too @kyliejenner

Twitter: @kyliecosmetics

Facebook: Kylie Cosmetics

4. Auto Fill

Auto fill makes your order 100% easier. If you are slow in filling out the detail before you pay you purchase, there is a higher chance that you the product(s) that you want to buy will be sold out. I've tried it with and without. I am a slow person to type, I always reading and recheck what I write a few times to make sure that nothing is wrong with the information detail that I was fill in. Bad Luck. The first time of trying was a failure and I didn't get any lip kit.. So learn From my mistake than regret it later!

Auto Fill on Safari

Auto Fill on Chrome

5. NO PayPal

They only accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

6. Be aware of their cost and shipping cost

Their international shipping is $14.95 and U.S. shipping is $8.95 to all the states in America

7. Be patient
You have to be on the website 5 minutes before the restock time and refresh it exactly on the time when they restock their lip kit! Good luck!

Please watch my YouTube videos on my YouTube channel about KylieCosmetics!

I Have Found What I Really Love

I love to spend my boring life making videos, writing stuff, taking a lot of photos and everything about food!



They are Sasa and Hanna, my aunts! Yes, my aunts and they are younger than me. They are so cute and reliable! So mature for their age, especially Hanna, the older one. I love to see people smile, it gives me happiness (sort of). Especially when people are smile because of me hehe😋

And I love to take picture of a landscape or scenery

I actually kinda 'dislike' myself, I feel ugly when I'm in picture or even mirror.. so I made my YouTube channel to learn to love myself and gain confidence. I look like I'm an extrovert but I actually insecure about every single part of my body. 

This is Minju Kang, my best friend❤️
My relatives and my sister

My aunt and my cousin ☺️

Also, I love to take picture of people! because it seems like they are smiling at me😋

 LeTAO "Double Fromage" cake in Otaru, Japan. It's DAMN GOOD!

If you visit/holiday in Indonesia, you have to go to Excelso Coffee and buy their Parmesan Pizza, I give them 👍🏻👍🏻

some nice beef in japan (the restaurant name is in japanese.. so I can't write it)😅  sorry 

 Fresh sushi in Nara

Delicious homemade dumpling in Balikpapan😋 

Fish roe in Osaka 


YES, I LOVE FOOD💓  I live my life to eat good food haha.
I love to eat and take a photo of it (its normal ok, I'm asian) hahaha 😛

She's my sister, Illa. Isn't she soo cute 😋  We ate a lot of cakes because it is sooo damn good! This was taken at LeTAO Otaru, Japan.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

When I Open My Eyes

Today is the ordinary gap year day like any other day. I didn't sleep all night long, watching K-Dramas, watching movies on Netflix and singing Bollywood song. It is so hard to change my habit 'eat-sleep-movies' life but I have to change. If not now then, when?

I know is so little (well, my normal portion is a big scoop of rice with various side dishes). I eat that to lie to myself because I cheated. I eat the whole package of spicy Indonesian Cracker while watching "What's Your Number?" on Netflix😅 I'm so pissed at myself, I regret it😢

I always regret every single thing that I did and said. I just wanna be nice but I always screw things up. I blamed myself every single unsuccessful relationships (whether its official or not), every fights or even every single word that I said. I keep thinking back and wonder "if I didn't said that, would we still together?" "If I didn't do that, would she be happy?". Oh well, I live only once. I don't live to please others. I never seriously like anyone since 2014 but I like the idea of love, so I watch K-Drama instead😂

So from now on, I wanna do what I love to do. Even if I'm bad at it, just do it. 😛  Just be yourself! being happy is the most beautiful thing on earth💁🏻

Long Time No See!

I'm so excited!! I'm gonna go to concert in 25 more days!

I'm planning to lose weight as much as I can before the concert start! I'm too bored right now. I'm on my gap year 'holiday', which is doing nothing at all. So I am thinking to go exercise, go to baking classes and start my youtube channel instead 😉

I will be posting beauty and lifestyle video! I'm too bored during my gap year, so I need to do something productive 😉 do you think losing 20 kg is possible? I've gained 15 kg in 6 months in 2015 😐 so I need to get that slim body back, or even fitter! Well, I am going to update my 'life' on my blog and YouTube channel during my gap year, or even after my gap year! so please stay tuned 😙

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Bandung Food Travel Guide

Bandung is a capital city of West Java, Indonesia. Bandung has a lot of uniqueness compare to other city in Indonesia. Bandung has a refreshing air as Bandung is 1,050 above the sea level and surrounded by the Sundanese Mountains. Not only the refreshing air, Bandung is only 112 KM apart from the capital city of Indonesia, DKI Jakarta. Recently, Bandung has been nominated becoming the most favourite city to travel for its culinary and the low-cost of living from people Jakarta. Also, Bandung has many restaurant, cafés, shop, and street food that the tourists always love to visit. Talk about culinary, Sundanese cuisine is the traditional food from Bandung. Below I would like to introduce some of the most popular food-seller types and their typical price range per-person:

The cafés below is not only served Indonesian traditional food but also traditional food with semi fine dining style. Usually, the view and the interior would make the price higher than other cafés or restaurant. Most of the cafés in Bandung are included in the category of “expensive” to Indonesian.

  1. The Valley (Rp.100,000 – Rp.250,000)
Address and contact number: Jl. Lembah Pakar Timur No. 28, Dago Atas. 022-2511450
The Valley is a good place for the tourist to see the whole of Bandung City since the valley is in the highland of Bandung City. The Valley has the Indonesian-Japanese food so far. The price is also suitable for tourist (8.8 USD – 22 USD)

  1. Rocca (Rp. 30,000 – Rp.55,000)
Address and contact number: Jl. Progo No. 16, Riau. 022-4205664
Rocca has really good interior and design for teenager to hang out. They served food from many countries. One of their best foods is Meat Mighty Pizza. Meat Mighty Pizza has the taste of Italian Pizza but also has the taste of Indonesian food in it. Meat Mighty Pizza is the best served with Italian Lychee Soda and Red Velvet cake for the dessert. Many people loves Rocca because of their prices are less expensive than other cafés but the quality is really good.

The restaurant below is well-known restaurant in Bandung. They are well known by their signature dish with the homemade taste. Even though they are too traditional for people who live in the city, people always love it because the taste is suitable for tourist because the spice is not too strong. Indonesians prefer restaurant than café because the price is on the “cheap” category or less expensive.

  1. Rumah Makan Asli Laksana (Below Rp. 30,000)
Address and contact number: Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 649
Rumah Makan Asli Laksana is the best Sundanese food in Bandung. Even though the restaurant is really simple with Sundanese style, the tourists who are coming would really feel that she/he is in the Sundanese village. They give a plate of rice and a bowl of hand wash water to the costumer. They served many kind of Sundanese food; you can choose your dish by yourself on the table. The price is really suitable for the backpacker tourist.

  1. Ampera (Below Rp. 30,000)
Address and contact number: Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 394
Ampera is similar like Rumah Makan Asli Laksana; traditional Sundanese food with Sundanese style. The only different is the restaurant is less traditional than Rumah Makan Asli Laksana. Ampera’s best dishes for the tourist are Ayam Goreng Kuning (Yellow Fried Chicken), Sambal, and fried intestine.

Stall or Small Shop

  1. Bakso Malang Enggal (Below Rp. 15,000)
Address and contact number: Jl. Burangrang No. 12
Bakso Malang Enggal is the well-known traditional meatball in Bandung. They served meatball with the fresh beef broth and fried Indonesian dumpling.

Street Food
Bandung street food is the most favourite food for Indonesian, the price is cheap and the food is delicious but the food is not really hygienic for some street food seller. Tourist should be careful to not to buy food in dirty place.

  1. Jalan Buah Batu (Below Rp.5,000)
Jalan Buah Batu means Buah Batu Road, you can find most of the Sundanese food street. The most favorite food for Indonesian student is Bala-Bala, Cireng, Cimol, Cilok, Jamur Crispy (Crispy deep-fried mushroom), Tahu Gejrot, Lumpia Basah, etc. Foreigner tourist should be careful, do not buy food at less costumer store; buy the food at store which many costumer comes.

Overall, Bandung has many variety of food. As I said before, Bandung is really famous for its traditional food but foreigner or tourist should be selective to choose the food that suitable for their taste.