Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Long Time No See!

I'm so excited!! I'm gonna go to concert in 25 more days!

I'm planning to lose weight as much as I can before the concert start! I'm too bored right now. I'm on my gap year 'holiday', which is doing nothing at all. So I am thinking to go exercise, go to baking classes and start my youtube channel instead 😉

I will be posting beauty and lifestyle video! I'm too bored during my gap year, so I need to do something productive 😉 do you think losing 20 kg is possible? I've gained 15 kg in 6 months in 2015 😐 so I need to get that slim body back, or even fitter! Well, I am going to update my 'life' on my blog and YouTube channel during my gap year, or even after my gap year! so please stay tuned 😙

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