Monday, 25 August 2014


Muslim Youth Camp - Daarut Tauhid
14 - 24 July 2014

So yeah this summer I went to Pesantren (Religious Summer Camp). At first I was like "hell no", but in the end I felt soo thankful. So yeah, I'll show you some photos from MY Camp.

Isola Resort
This is the place where we stayed at. It's a pretty good resort for Pesantren, you know xD I didn't expect that i would stay in a resort with wifi, even though it was pretty slow but I'm still thankful

So yeah, they're kakak-kakak (sisters/brothers) facilitator. No offense, the introduction was hella long but yeah i have to be there xD

This is the first ice-breaking activity with my group, KBRI (Kelompok Bermain/Belajar Remaja Islami). The girl on the far left is Anindya and the middle one is Dea, they are my besties omg i love them 

Omg haha guess where am I? xD this game is soo fun omgg. I clearly remember I did some silly things.. We were singing gorilla by Bruno Mars and people started calling me gorilla because of something xD hahaha I love KBRI sooo much 

We were doing a morning jog every single day. On the third day, we went to take a picture in front of this old UPI building. These photos are so memorable omg, I remember something was going on there, and yeah.. it wasn't that good.

 We were making parcels for Al-Ittifaq (eco-religious school). We bought the stuff by the money that we collected and we made the parcels by ourselves.

Break-fasting with KBRI and my Baes xD

This is when we were gonna go to Al-Ittifaq and those are our parcels xD

Mosque in Al Ittifaq, Ciwidey

We were listening to these religious lectures.. but in Sundanese. So most of us didn't understand what they were trying to say xD I was so sleepy in the first half but in the end, I was talking to Syasya 
I'm soo happy to get to know her

We went to see all the plantations, the farms and their school. It was soo cool omg, they get to learn the agriculture and business while studying at the same time. I know it would be tough for them but they seem to enjoy it so much ^^

Akhwat (Sisters in Arabic)

Tangkuban Perahu

Dawn was breaking in the sky, isn't it pretty?

Situ Patenggang Lake

 We went to Situ Patenggang Lake, this place is soo pretty. Even though I'm from Bandung, it was my first time going to Situ Patenggang ._.

This is our boat, it fits around 20 of us ._. I am a clean freak if it's about water, maybe because last time when I was diving in Indonesia, the water was so filthy so the visibility was pretty bad and I got skin irritation :(

Kawah Putih

Then, I went to "Kawah Putih" an acidic volcanic crater in Bandung.
The place is so pretty and cool, the water is white and the weather is soo cold. I enjoyed my trip because it was my first time going to Kawah Putih and Situ Patenggang even though I'm from Bandung xD

 This is our last group photo in Kawah putih :)
I miss them so badly.. especially the baes. Thank you for making my summer so memorable, I love you guys

This is from the first day until the sixth day in MY CAMP, I will post the rest in my next post :) I hope you guys enjoy it, hehe 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Seoul, South Korea

A few weeks ago, I went to Seoul for my summer break, it was extremely good even though the weather was pretty hot compare to San francisco (I was in SF before Seoul) but pretty cold compare to Singapore. I was staying at The Westin Chosun Seoul. My hotel was pretty close to Myeongdong Street,  soo I walked to Myeongdong Street every single day only for their street foods! xD

Day 1

Street Foods! 

Myeongdong Street during the night! (still pretty crowded xD)

Took a picture with this cutie Line character at Lotte Young!

I ate Kalbi or Galbi (갈비) after walking around Myeongdong Street. It was damn good compare to  most of the korean food in Indonesia or Singapore, maybe it was because I'm hungry haha xD

Day 2
I still walking around Myeongdong Street, I have nowhere to go since my family still jet lag (we were in Hawaii) soo I ended up walking around Myeongdong street alone.

I took it on Snapchat, lol xD

I ate Samgyetang (삼계탕) and Roasted Chicken for lunch. This place seems famous since there was a long queue during lunch time xD and the picture above is the best kimchi I've ever taste so far! I highly recommended this place

Tteokbokki! ❤ (떡볶이) My favourite korean food all the time! my wish were comes true man. I ate tteokbokki for my dinner.  It was contain rice cakes, ramen noodles, spaghetti noodles, eggs, fish cakes, dumpling, hot pepper powder, hot pepper paste and veggies. It taste soo freakin good! Thanks to my aunty to bring me to this place ❤

 and we could not finished it.. :(

Day 3
I did the same thing like the other day, walking at Myeongdong Street. I was walking with my family, it was pretty tiring yet super fun! I get to eat the street food and of course ice cream (the honeycomb ice cream) super duper recommended!

Day 4
Today, I met my friends; Jay and James. We hang around Sinchon to eat lunch and watch a movie. We ate this spicy chicken and mozarella friend rice. It was so damn good! I wish i could eat it now. Anyway, it was a good time to hang out with my friend while holiday.

That was pretty much it. My holiday was extremely fun because I get to eat a lot Korean food xD I got pretty mad at the provider tho :( My phone's internet was not working at all! I did pay my travelling data thingy but still.. and also my phone start to breakdown (maybe same like the owner lol) -_- the screen was frozen *start to sing let it go* xD

 Okay, next I will share with you guys my experience in "MY Camp" Pesantren in Bandung hehe