Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Casual Hijab Look

Sun Glasses: Gentle Monster, T-shirt: KTZ, 
Jacket: Adidas Original

Late Night in Gangnam, Seoul

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

MY Camp 2

Hello ^^
This is the second blog post of my story in My Camp xD this is the first one

 We were dancing this "Poco-Poco Dance" after our morning jog.
It was so funny because my grandma is the one who usually dance this "Poco-Poco Dance" with her regular social gathering's friends

We were doing this sign game, I don't know what it is called xD
It was okay, we were not doing so good because we don't really care and concentrate haha but I enjoyed my time with them

We were listening to this motivation lecture with a visually disabled guy.. the story was soo touching. The story makes me realise i should be thankful for what i have, not demanding and complaining to others for what i don't have..

We went to this social service place for disabled people, and they were welcome us with a traditional opening ceremony for Sundanese wedding couple xD

this is such a late post, lol. It's been on the draft for almost two years 😛 
Two of my new year resolutions are to be productive and be a better person.
I hope by writing again on this blog, I can write to reflect on everything happens to me and hopefully I will learn and do better in the future 😊

Late Night Photoshoot

Mentari, my cousin, went to visit me to Singapore for about 3 weeks. We spent almost every single day eating good food, explore Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and of course talking about bunch of stuff. On the night before she went back to Bandung, we decided to play dress up and take a lot of photos together and these are the results 😛

Glasses: Christian Dada, Ring: Gucci, Jacket: Both are Christian Dada

Reversible Bomber Jacket: Joyrich, Dress: American Apparel