Wednesday, 4 January 2017

MY Camp 2

Hello ^^
This is the second blog post of my story in My Camp xD this is the first one

 We were dancing this "Poco-Poco Dance" after our morning jog.
It was so funny because my grandma is the one who usually dance this "Poco-Poco Dance" with her regular social gathering's friends

We were doing this sign game, I don't know what it is called xD
It was okay, we were not doing so good because we don't really care and concentrate haha but I enjoyed my time with them

We were listening to this motivation lecture with a visually disabled guy.. the story was soo touching. The story makes me realise i should be thankful for what i have, not demanding and complaining to others for what i don't have..

We went to this social service place for disabled people, and they were welcome us with a traditional opening ceremony for Sundanese wedding couple xD

this is such a late post, lol. It's been on the draft for almost two years 😛 
Two of my new year resolutions are to be productive and be a better person.
I hope by writing again on this blog, I can write to reflect on everything happens to me and hopefully I will learn and do better in the future 😊

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