Wednesday, 13 July 2016

All About Eyelashes

This blog post is all about Fake Eyelashes.

There is many kind of fake eyelashes. Natural, Glam etc. There are some eyelashes with various lengths and also there are lashes with the same length. these are the one that I usually use.

Ardell Natural

Also, you have to stick it with eyelash glue. It's either clear or dark colour.

Clear Eyelash glue

Clear glue is better for newbies. It is because they dry clear so it won't seem messy if you make any mistake. Also, if you wear glitter, colour or any unique fake lashes, clear glue is the best. It won't take the spotlight of the fake lashes.

Dark Eyelash glue

Dark eyelash glue also has its own uniqueness, it makes your eyes look bigger and also it can replace your eyeliner so you don't have to draw one! Dark eyelash glue is the best when you are doing smoky eye makeup or if you wanna go to some special occasion so your eyes will be eye-catching since people look at the eyes first before anything else while they are talking 😉

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