Thursday, 14 November 2013

Craving for Fattening Foods

I don't know why, but these days I feel like I want to eat as many as food that I see..

I want eat Indonesian food, Korean food ANYTHING T_T
I've gained 2 kg because I couldn't control my appetite  T_T

This is the one that I love the most.. Steak with fries

I love this.. Spaghetti with chicken and a lot of cheese

 Guess what? LAKSA SINGAPORE. 
It's been long time I didn't eat Laksa :'(

Oxtail Soup! I love this food.
Even though the soup is slightly oily, I just finish it all hahaha

Who doesn't know Fried Bee Hoon?
this is one of the best Asian food.. less calories than noodle, but still.. Fattening :(

Grilled Squid with its egg inside!
Ahh I miss Indonesia :(
I love how Indonesian cook the squid with the really juicy sauce and I couldn't find the same taste of this squid in Singapore T_T

Lastly, Foie gras with Uni T_T
I love how tasty foie gras is.. I feel like it's melt on your mouth..

Mango Smoothie
I love how juicy it is and I always drink more than a glass after I ate all those fattening food hahaha, and after that I told myself like "It's okay laa. you're still growing" but after that, I always complain how fat I am huhuhu 

After I saw all those picture, I feel like "Good laa!" hehehe 

Whenever I see myself in the mirror, I feel like "how come I'm this fat?" "Why can't I be like others, skinny and pretty?" but after I see all those food, I realize that I love fattening food 

but I wanna say thanks to my mom who took all of the pictures ❤ hehehe

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