Saturday, 25 January 2014

School Work: Poems

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I am . . .
Olethea Shinta Alisha

I am not who I used to be
I wonder when was I being myself
I hear people scream and cry
I see what I don’t want to see
I want the old me back
I am not who I used to be

I pretend to be okay
I feel nothing. Everything goes numb.
I touch the sky
I worry about myself
I cry for nothing
I am not who I used to be

I understand that I will never truly understand
I say goodbye
I dream about the old me
I try to recover
I hope I can be okay

I am not who I used to be

Translated by: Olethea Shinta Alisha 

In the corner of the empty room
You are there and I’m here
Far apart until I feel
You are having more fun with her

It hurts to look at
You are drowning in a happy atmosphere
I’m drowning in pain
I enjoy everything with happiness
Although it feels miserable in my heart

Go ahead, hurt me
I know that you do it on purpose
However, I cannot hate you
Because you are not mine

‘Cause you belong to my friend
Till the end you are still my rainbow
Giving the color to my life
Beautifully painting in my heart

Although you will never be mine
But I’m sure you’re the only one in my heart

I Want To Be With You
Translated by: Olethea Shinta Alisha

I never want to forget you
Moreover hate you
Many stories that we have passed
Joy and sorrow together

It is hard to forget
Very unlikely to hate
Because you are so impressive
Because of just the way you are

Believe me, my love
You are my only lover
and I just want one thing
To live with you

Good Morning My Love
Translated by: Olethea Shinta Alisha

I hope today
Your heart is as bright as a day,
Bright like sunshine.
Every step always brings happiness to you

Let the seasons change
Let go a profound message
Difficult to forget from your crystal clear eyes

Look at me…
Who can always read your mind.
Fill your soul.
Greet you and make your day.

Look at my smile…
Hear my voice…
I will make your soul relax.
Because I sincerely love you.

 Good Night My Dear
Translated by: Olethea Shinta Alisha

I am sprawling on my bed
Day dreaming all about love tonight
Love who always comes on every breath
It is your love

Dark night
I always send something beautiful for you
Even though you do not see but I am always on your side
Only can you feel
And give comfort in your sleep tonight

Princess on this beautiful night
I will come through your dream
And come out through beauty that you feel
Sleep my sleeping beauty
I always come to accompany you
Even it is only through the wind
But I will make you warm

I will come
When you are dreaming

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