Monday, 1 September 2014

Things That Falls

Rating: PG 13
Genre: Romance
Candice - Main Character
Francisco - Candice's Best Friend
Adrian - A famous music star, Candice's crush
Candice's Mother
Candice's Father

On Valentine’s Day, Francisco, my best friend, ran to me and passed me a card. I thought he was pranking at me again, or doing the usual studying with him. He is surprise me by giving me a cute heart-shaped card, I opened the heart-shaped card and there was a message:

Dear Candice,

This is Adrian. I would like to invite you to my birthday party this Sunday night. It starts at 11pm and will end at 4am. See you there really soon!


I am shocked, as I could not believe what I just read. Adrian, my superstar crush, had invited me to his party! My dream is come true, I hugged Francisco and jumped up and down with excitement. However, I realized that the timing of the party was difficult for me to attend. The party is Saturday night and there is pray ceremony on the next day. I know that Mom and Dad would want me to go to bed early. I must attend this party no matter what! I need to make a plan with Francisco…

Today is the party’s day; I am scared and also feeling a little bit worried because I knew that I would have to escape from my room for the first time. I keep thinking in my head, “What if daddy finds out? What if I fall from my window? What if…?” I decided to just not care and escape according to the plan that I have made.

It was 9 p.m., 2 more hours to the party. I started to peel off the bed sheets from my bed, and then I opened my drawer and took out more bed sheets and tied them all together. I was making a rope of escape from my window. I was excited, happy but also worried because I have never done this before. This was my only option, Daddy would never allow me to go out late to a party. My older brother got really drunk the last time he went out partying and it made Mommy and Daddy really angry. This time, I am sure they would not allow their daughter to go out so late. But, who cares!

I carefully climbed over my windowsill and held on to the bed sheets tied around my window grip. Slowly, I climbed down. Francisco waited downstairs for me as usual, but I wondered why he was coming because I know that Francisco does not like to party. Still, I love my best friend who always supports me in everything I do. Step by step, I held the rope and when my feet reached the ground, Francisco helped me by taking my high heels and we ran to the road to get a cab to Adrian’s place.

There was loud music even before we entered. Adrian’s house was so beautiful. A three-floor house with a basement, an elevator, and servants everywhere. When I entered, there were so many different rooms. I saw Adrian ran over to me “Nice to meet you, Candice”, he whispered on my ear. “Happy birthday Adrian, thank you for invited me.” I replied. He gave me a hug and kiss my cheek “I looked forward to see you in my concert sweetie, enjoy the party!”, he said. I swear to god today is my happiest day! The lights were on in a dim mode, the music loud, I was enjoying it and 4 hours had passed. It was 3 am! I have to go back before 4 a.m. if not I would be in trouble! Francisco and I left Adrian’s house together. However, something I saw made my heart broken. Adrian went around hugging and kissing many girls before I left. Francisco close my eyes from the back while I am looked at him in tears. He comforted me by giving me a tight hug.

I finally arrived at my home, Francisco kept hold my hand to comfort me. “Have a good rest Candice! Remember you still have me, ok? Let’s talk later on the phone. See you on Monday!” he cheered me up. I replied him with smile and he smiled back at me. All of sudden he kissed my forehead. My heart was beating so fast, I do not why am I so happy to get kissed by him. I climbed up the bed sheets rope that I left hanging at my window, after Francisco left. When my feet touched the floor of my bedroom, it was completely dark, I felt like someone was watching me. I switched on the lights and Daddy was looking at me insensitively! “Where were you Candice? What’s that rope doing?”, he asked “Daddy…. I’m sorry….” I stood still, feeling scared and really bad. “Why didn’t you just listen to me? I always told you all that partying is bad for young people like you. I allow you to attend parties but just not at night. This weekend you are staying at home and not going anywhere. You are not allowed to go to Adrian’s concert this Sunday!” he raised his voice and left the room. I just kept quiet, as I knew I was wrong.

Over the weekend, I stayed at home and reflected on what I had done wrong. I realized that Daddy was right. I also realized something that Francisco is actually a good guy and he is better than Adrian as Adrian seems like a player. I was reading an online book while I was at home, and there was a quote that said:

“Things that fall:
Leaves and I,
for him.”

I realize that I have fall for my dearest best friend, Francisco..

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