Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I saw this quotes on tumblr,
"I fall too quickly
trust too soon
but I regret it, I always regret it
because nobody stays, nobody cares
I'm left alone, alone with my thoughts"
I can't trust someone easily anymore..
I trust my besties soo much but I can't trust people easily anymore lol
they are sooo fake, I didn't realise how fake they were until they stab me on my back lol
umm, the problem is I can't trust people who said that they care about me.
I always think that they're liar.
I know is bad but I can't help it.

So yeahh, my life has been so complicated recently, I'm sooo tired of thinking.
I think I cared too much about people, especially what they've said to me haha
however, I love action more than words.. I don't care about what people said anymore hehe..
I love the sincerity and the action of what people did rather than words so yeah.. I don't care what they've said to me but if you didn't do anything, umm i don't know :)

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