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List of Best Indonesian Traditional's Food from Sumatera

I really appreciate how creative our ancestors make food from time to time. So, I really want to share with you guys about my home country's food that I have eaten before:) I made a list based from where the food are from :)

I break this post maybe into 5 post because I want to post the best food from every big island in Indonesia First of all, I want to tell you guys my favourite food from the western Indonesia, Sumatera Island!

Martabak Aceh
Martabak Aceh is kinda look like an average egg omelet. However, the way how the chef cook is really different from any Martabak/Murtabak, it is because they make the whipped egg wraps the Martabak's skin. Usually they eat this with Indonesian pickles

Mie Aceh
Mie Aceh is a traditional spicy noodle dish of Aceh. The thick yellow noodle with slices of beef, mutton or seafood is served in rich and spicy curry-like soup. Mie aceh is available in 2 options "Mie Aceh Goreng" (Fried and dry) and "Mie Aceh Kuah" (Gravy). Usually served with "Emping",  cucumber, Indonesian pickles and lime

Roti Jala (Usually the eat it with Kari Kambing)
This is Roti Jala with curry! :D "Roti Jala" means "Nets Bread"

North Sumatera
Bika Ambon
Bika Ambon is a tradional dessert from Medan even though "Ambon" is another city in Indonesia. Bika Ambon made from tapioca flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, and coconut milk. Bika Ambon is usually sold in pandan, banana, durian, cheese and chocolate flavor.

Kwetiau is noodle dish from Chinese-North Sumatera food. Kwetiau is available in 2 options, "Kwetiau Goreng" Fried Kwetiau or "Kwetiau Kuah" Kwetiau Soup

Lapis Legit

Pisang Molen

Soto Medan

West Sumatera
Nasi Kapau
Nasi Kapau means Rice from Kapau's Land (Padang), West Sumatera. Nasi Kapao is actually rice with sambal and side dishes from Padang,  Gulai Sayur Nangka, Gulai Tunjang, Gulai cangcang and Gulai babat. Nasi Kapau is the standard of traditional Padang restaurant.

Ayam Pop
Ayam Pop is one of the option in Nasi Kapau but not all Nasi Kapau food stall has Ayam Pop

World-famous food! Beef Rendang
Sate Padang

Sate Padang is a traditional satay from Padang. Sate Padang is usually made from beef cut into small dices, beef heart, beef tongue or beef intestine with thick spicy sauce on top of it.

Soto Padang

Es Campur
Es Campur is one of traditional drink from Indonesia made by mixing various type of ingredient with shaved ice and sweet syrup (usually rose syrup) and milk.

South Sumatera
Pempek Palembang

 Pempek is the most famous food from South Sumatera, made from fish and tapioca. Pempek is served with noodle, cucumber and dark rich flavor vinegar

Lenggang is fried whisked egg with pempek inside of it. Lenggang is also served with yellow noodles, cucumber and dark rich flavor vinegar

Jus Jagung Manis

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