Thursday, 31 October 2013

Birthday Dinner

Soo, last week was my 15th birthday hehehe:D 
I was having dinner in Resort World Sentosa with my family. It was soo good hehe

This was our starter, the second one was Lobster broth soup (I don't know what the food called)
and the third one was really juicy prawn spring rolls with wasabi sauce

This is was our main course :D the sauce was made from tomato. It was so good, because usually I don't really like food with tomato hehe

My dad and Olivia's dessert :)

The next one is my dessert hoho

From this

Into this
The taste was.. not really good. but yeah I enjoyed it.

The important thing is..
Taadaaa! this cake was my birthday cake, so cute, isn't it? :p

This is how the cake looks like :3

 The following day, I was having dinner in CUT, Marina Bay Sands. It was greaat.
I almost forgot that I'm on diet program hahaha

well, those starter are my favorite, but in my opinion the best starter ever is the first one. marrowbone with foie gras hehehe <3 and I had steak and french fries for my main course. I didn't get ant dessert because I was too full hehe :)

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