Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Guide to Have a Successful End of Year Senior Trip

End of the year Grade 12 trip is an exciting way to end our school life. However, there are a few guidelines that we should follow in order to have a nice and memorable senior trip. Here are some tips for you to have such an exciting trip.

  1. Vote where your classmates want to go

To have an enjoyable trip, you have to discuss where you and your classmates would like to go. First of all, choose the type of trip wisely. Vote what kind of trip you and your classmates want to have; is it leisure, shopping, or a combination? Therefore, all of your friend will enjoy the activities that everyone is doing. Secondly, choose the destination. Choose the place that you guys have never been but is relatively cheap, so you can have a low budget trip and you can spend more money on costly activity that you want to do with your friends.

2.              Book the ticket and the accommodation weeks ahead

Many people are interested to go to overseas by flying. To have the feeling of togetherness during and before the trip, you have to book your plane ticket together ahead of time so you can travel with your classmates without any problem. Also, book the accommodation ahead to prevent any chances that the hotel or villa are fully booked.

3.              Plan a timetable of what your group/friends want to do

There should be a clear timetable of the activities that you want to do in different places. This will not all be in a day so you would have to plan it which days to do exactly which activities. Be careful that there should be a flow of the locations of each stop, if not travelling from stop to stop, if too far apart would be exhausting and time-consuming. Always factor in time to eat, and travel between stops.

4.              Pack your things ahead

As there is a weight limit for each luggage that you need to check in and carry, please only bring what you need. Make a checklist of all the things that you will need for the trip, from clothes, to equipment of activities that you will do, such as camera, or trekking shoes. Always make sure that you bring the medicine and first aid that you will need too in case of stomach-upset or emergencies.
An end of year trip with your classmate is not only a time of enjoyment, but also bonding. Be sure to get to know your friends well before the trip and discuss your likes and dislikes, for you will learn it more when you travel and stay together. Never forget to be safe – do not give any personal information to any strangers and never stay out late and remote areas. Have fun!

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